AlertA Lite

Alerta Lite

Geared to small and medium size companies providing a complete web based contract management suite at low cost.

Key features

AlertA Lite is a version of AlertA’s contract management system which is optimized for small and medium sized organizations. It provides all the benefits of having a capable contract management system, while not incurring the costs associated with enterprise features which aren’t of use in small and medium sized organizations.

AlertA Lite is solely offered as a cloud hosted web application, freeing your organization of having to manage any IT infrastructure. You connect to AlertA using a secure SSL connection and all data is stored in European data centers. Your contracts are thus safe with AlertA Lite.

Email notifications

Receive email alerts on upcoming contract events. Never miss a contract renewal again.

Cloud hosted

AlertA Lite is hosted in the cloud in an ISO 27001:2005 certified datacenter, allowing you to focus on managing contracts instead of having to deal with IT infrastructure.

Task management

Make sure that tasks are actually executed. This way all contracts will be timely evaluated.

Calender integration

Connect your calendar software to AlertA Lite. By having important contract dates right in your calendar, you’ll know what’s happening at all times without even having to log on.

Complete contract management solution

  • Store all your contracts in a single contract repository.
  • Store scanned documents and attachments related to contracts in AlertA.
  • Monitor all your contracts. Notifications are delivered right to your inbox and your agenda.
  • Search for contracts, documents and parties using the integrated search.
  • Keep track of tasks. Make sure that contracts are actually evaluated on time.
  • Simple user management: control which user is allowed to do what.
  • Cloud hosted and compatible with all modern web browsers.
  • Connect using an SSL secured connection. All data is stored in European data centers.
AL2 Dashboard


AlertA Lite is priced according to use and is invoiced on a monthly or yearly basis. By combining the base subscription with any additions you need, you only pay for what you use. Subscription can be changed or cancelled on monthly basis.

All given prices are monthly prices and exclude local VAT taxes. Contact us for a large volume quote.

Base subscription Additions
Contracts 50 € 5,00 per 50 contracts
Users 1 included € 5,00 per user
Storage 1 GB included € 5,00 per GB
Reporting € 10,00 per user
€ 10,00

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