AlertA for Windows

Alerta for Windows

In use at dozens of major organizations since 2002. Proven and highly customizable.


AlertA for Windows can be used as a stand-alone solution and as a system for multiple users working on multiple computers. In principle, the number of users is unlimited as is the number of contracts that can be stored in the system.

All contract data at your fingertips

AlertA stores all key contract data in one single window. Tabs contain detailed information like data on contracted parties, documents and reminders.

AlertA for Windows Contract Management Software

Quickly find contracts

From the dashboard you can quickly find any contract as well as get quick overviews over any upcoming or past reminders. Advanced search functionality also helps you track down that exact contract you are looking for quickly.

AlertA for Windows Contract Management Software

Customizable and proven

AlertA for Windows is highly flexible in terms of user customizations. Dozens of customers have stored any kind of contract related data directly in AlertA for over a decade. Customized reporting keeps them on top of their contract administration.

Key properties

  • Registration of all data necessary for proper contract management.
  • Storage of scanned documents: all contracts, including official signatures and initials, available any time anywhere. No more search for hard copies hidden somewhere in the office.
  • Monitoring: pre-defined email messages that alert one or more persons regarding a certain action that needs to be performed (e.g. renewal/termination). The system provides standard text messages but these email alerts can also be customized.
  • Reporting: generate overviews both for financial and management purposes (who manages a certain contract, who should perform a certain action, etc.). Selections can be made based on action, recurring expense, contract type, all contracts with one supplier or customer.
  • Search: simply find what you need by defining search criteria such as party to a contract, name and address details, contacts, etc.
  • Export data to other systems, for example Microsoft Excel.
  • Authorization: use permissions to authorize employees to access or amend contracts.
  • Supported languages: English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

System requirements

  • Works on Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8
  • SMTP capable mail server
  • MSSQL, Oracle or MS Access database
  • Compatible with various virtualized desktop solutions


AlertA for Windows is tailored to your needs and offered at competitive pricing. Contact us for an exact quote.

Take control over your contracts now

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