Contract management using Excel?

Some people say its possible while others say its not. So it is possible and is it a good idea?

We think that for personal use and 20 contract maximum Excel may offer some sort of a solution to contract registration. Do however be aware that Excel does not make backups, does not send you email notifications about deadlines, does not do user authorization and cannot store all your contract related documents. It’s thus not really contract management, but more contract registration.

So while contract registration using Excel is better than no contract business at all, it does not really fundamentally solve a lot of the issues companies are struggling with in contract management. Thats why we would advise you to use proper contract management software.

Still think you want to try? Then go ahead and download our free Excelsheet for contract management. Do you want to go pro while still keeping costs down, then tryout AlertA Lite.

Contract management using Excel