AlertA Contract Management Software

Never miss an important contract date again, keep up to date on your obligations at all times and easily find and retrieve contracts.

Cloud or self hosted

AlertA can be hosted in the cloud, or you can host AlertA within your own organization for maximum security.

Email notifications

Receive timely notifications for important contract dates like upcoming automatic renewals.

Scans and documents

Easily store scans and documents related to a contract. The fully signed contract is never more than a click away.

Calender integration

Connect your calendar software to AlertA. By having important contract dates right in your calendar, you’ll know what’s happening at all times without even having to open AlertA.

User management

Determine on a per user base what actions a user is allowed to perform and which contracts he or she may access.

Task management

Make sure that tasks are actually executed. This way all contracts will be timely evaluated.


Easily perform audits on your contract administration and keep track of obligations.

Change tracking

Changes to contracts are tracked. This facilitates auditing and prevents loss of data due to incorrect or accidental changes.


Quickly find contracts, parties and documents using a keyword based search tool.


AlertA uses a banking grade SSL secured connection and our cloud installations are hosted in a ISO 27001:2005 certified datacenter. Combined with AlertA’s user management your contracts are safely stored in AlertA.

AlertA Contract Management software is offered in three different versions, each tailored to a specific range of organizations. Below a summary overview of these versions is given. Having difficulty choosing a specific version? Contact us!

Alerta Lite

Cloud hosted and low cost. Ideal for small and medium sized organizations. You’ll have access around the globe without having to maintain your own IT infrastructure. Highly suitable for small and medium sized organizations.

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Alerta Web

Your own AlertA installation with detailed reporting and user management. For medium and large sized organizations. Can be cloud hosted or can be hosted within your own organization for maximum security. Usable with any web browser.

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Alerta Windows

The original Alerta Contract Management software working on Microsoft Windows. In use at dozens of leading companies since 2002. Extensive support for customizations.

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